Your Colorado Bucket List, Vol. 1

With so much untold beauty surrounding Colorado, you can really get a bad case of FOMO (fear of missing out, for those not in the know). From winter sports, rock climbing, kayaking, camping and long-winding road trips, our state, peppered with four National Parks, offers an abundance of not-to-be-missed adventures. Here’s are three of our favorites,and we think they would look great on your Colorado bucket list:

1. Kayak Dream Lake

Favorite adventurer Christin Healey’s Instagram pictures look like they’re out of a coffee table book. But you, too, can live the same adventures she does. Here, she’s pictured enjoying a 4:00am sunrise kayaking trip at Dream Lake. Post-paddle sesh, a hike beckons, and  you’ll find incredible views surrounding you along the 2.2 mile RT hike. Find more information about that hike, here. To find out when Christin Healey is offering opportunities to accompany her on an adventure, follow her Instagram!



There’s no better (or more adventurous way) to see the expansiveness of Colorado than to view it from above 1,000 feet. From snow covered mountain tops to views spanning one hundred miles in range, you don’t have to wait for a special occasion to take this high-flying adventure.

This photo is from Grand Adventure Balloon Tours which has excellent ratings on Trip Advisor.



HIKE BRIDAL VEIL FALLSTake in the majestic scene of Bridal Veil Falls, the tallest free-falling falls in Colorado,  by visiting Telluride. Hiking is one of the favorite pastimes of those who visit, and you can expect to see incredible views, including meadows, wildflowers and abundant wildlife on this 6.1 mile moderate hike. Read more about this hike, here.


A Note: Our website was supposed to debut in the early summer. Please be sure to check all weather conditions before hiking or kayaking and we’ll be sure to repost this again, back when the weather is much warmer.