Want To Go To Cool Events All Around Denver? Try INWEGO!

INWEGO Review | 1000 Things to do in Denver

Check out my review of INWEGO, a new, affordable subscription in Denver and your ticket to hundreds of local events!

True Story: I’m a bit of skeptic when it comes down to downloading new apps. My phone seems to be perpetually filled with apps that didn’t do what they promised; aren’t built intuitively or I quickly learned they just weren’t right for me (i.e., a big waste of money), but when I heard that INWEGO was coming to Denver, I got REALLY excited and knew I had to give it a try.

WHAT’S INWEGO? INWEGO is Denver’s newest subscription that gets you a ticket to the city’s best sports games, concerts, festivals, comedy shows and more – for only $39 a month! Your membership includes a ticket to go to as many events you want, so whether you go to one event or ten events, it’s all covered in your membership. Just download the app, pick the events you want to go to and that’s it.

The great part is in just two weeks of using INWEGO, I went to four events and saved over $137.00! Plus, I got to step out of my comfort zone and try some things in Denver I’ve never done before (like a comedy club AND an outdoor music fest).

And it’s also super easy to use. With INWEGO, I just reserved my ticket, showed up at the event and got in. No stress!

So How Did I Save $137.00 Using INWEGO?

I got to go to FOUR events in just two weeks – all thanks to INWEGO. To get started, I downloaded the app and subscribed to the monthly membership of $39/month. I now know, after going to so many cool events that INWEGO is well-worth the full-price of just $39, but just a few weeks ago, I figured, “What do I have to lose trying this new app for a month?”, (PS you can grab 50% OFF your first month of INWEGO RIGHT NOW with my code: 1000DENVER). Hurry, offer ends June 30th!

After downloading INWEGO, I started searching the events they offer. I was REALLY excited to see Chicken Fight Fest among the events that were included in my subscription because it’s a premier food-festival where top chefs in Denver compete with each other using their best fried chicken recipes. It also costs nearly $70 for the ticket! So, I couldn’t believe INWEGO had access to such a huge event (it sold out last year) and I knew right away that INWEGO partners with the best of the best. I grabbed my ticket ASAP (which included unlimited boozy-tasters, yay!) and had the best time there. I truly made my friends jealous with this win!  (Savings: $69)

Later in the week, I hit up a Rockies game. Tickets range from $22 and up but with INWEGO, I didn’t have to pay anything since the ticket was included in my subscription. By now, my friends were convinced they needed to have the INWEGO app, too, so they downloaded the app and INWEGO made it so easy for us to all link up and sit together! And if you want to go with your friends that don’t have INWEGO, you can buy guest passes to almost every event which is awesome. (Savings: $22)

Confession: Even though I was a comedy writer in Hollywood for years, I haven’t been to a comedy club in the two years I’ve been in Denver. My fave thing to do when I was in LA was to go “New Faces” night. So I was pretty excited that INWEGO had tickets to a ton of comedy shows around Denver. I chose Comedy Works for its central location in LoDo but mostly, because Comedy Works was having a “New Talent Night.” I loved seeing how mega-talented everyone was. Best of all, INWEGO has a ton of events at Comedy Works with established comics in Denver and around the country, so I can’t wait to go back.  (Savings: $15)

Next event: Sundrenched Music Fest, held by Denver Beer Co. I’ll be honest, I would not have gone if it weren’t for INWEGO. The price of admission was $35 a ticket and then if you added on the cost of beer, the price goes up significantly. But I really wanted to go, as The Guest List and The Brevet were playing. (I had seen The Brevet a few months ago at Globe Hall and I was PSYCHED to see them as an outdoor venue.)

The day of Sundrenced Music Fest was sunny and beautiful and I got listen to some AMAZING music and made a ton of memories with my friends. Thanks INWEGO! Savings: $35 plus ticket fees).

All in all, my experience using INWEGO was A++++. I can’t even image the hundreds of dollars I’ll save every month. Some upcoming events I’m really excited for are the Macklemore and Kesha concert,Top Taco and a 90’s Bar Crawl!

I always love to bring you the best of Denver and INWEGO can really help with that. Because I love you all so much, you can grab INWEGO for 50% OFF your first month now through June 30, with code: 1000DENVER!

You can check out all the events INWEGO has going on in Denver, here! Have any questions? Happy to help. Just leave a comment here or DM me on Instagram.