3 Denver Sweat-tastic Workouts To Start Your New Year

A New Year is upon us and with that, comes everyone’s desire to find the best and most challenging workouts. Here are three, in Denver, that I absolutely love.


Orange Theory Fitness

The “orange” in Orange Theory Fitness refers to the color you’re aiming for your heart rate to stay in, during your workout (you’ll be measured by a heart rate monitor). The more minutes you stay in orange, the more calories/fat you’ll burn in the next 24 hours. You’ll run (or walk, and build up to running), spin and do weights. While most workouts are 60 minutes, they have some that are 45 minutes – perfect if you’re just starting out!

Why I Think It’s Awesome: Other than Crossfit, this is the most crazy-challenging workout I’ve ever done (and personally, I think it’s going to be a lot less hard on your knees). But don’t be discouraged or think it’s going to be too hard to do – Orange Theory Fitness is very easy to scale – Can’t run? Just walk. Can’t lift heavy weights? Lift less heavy weights. Have an injury? The trainers are incredibly helpful and they can adjust any movement and make it easier for you.

You can view your results online and you’ll be able to see how much stronger you are getting week after week. There’s nothing like the AMAZING feeling you get, finishing the class.

Who It’s Good For: If you need to lose weight, this is the class for you. If you’re type A and ALWAYS need to be challenged, this class is for you.  If you’re a complete newbie to exercise, Orange Theory Fitness is also for you! Just tell your instructor and they will adjust the workout, for you!

Orange Theory Fitness is located at 3300 West 32nd Street, as well as other locations throughout the city. Learn more, here.


Fierce 45

The 45 is for the minutes it will take you to complete the workout, and the fierce is for how you’ll feel when you’re done, so it’s no doubt that this Pilates-inspired workout by Fierce 45 has so many devotees.


What Is It? Pilates on crack is my best (albeit cheeky) description, but to be more accurate, here’s Fierce 45’s description: “It’s a calorie blaster (500-800 per class) of high intensity, low impact exercises combined with the fundamentals of alignment, breath and mindful movement, with no stress to your joints or spine. (We) incorporate slow, controlled, continuous tension, quick transitions and effective range of motion in order to burn through slow and fast twitch muscle fibers, alike.”

Who It’s Good For? Those looking for a serious, sweat-inducing heart thumping workout.

Why I Think It’s Awesome: If you can survive it, and you can, you’ll feel f’ing amazing.  Though pilates based, the music is thumping and you jump on and off the reformer, keeping your heart rate up the whole time. The good news is it is scalable for all levels – so no worries if you are not in the shape of your life. The instructors are really encouraging and you will definitely feel the camaraderie from your classmates.

ProTip: If you’ve never been, go ten minutes before class and introduce yourself to the instructor. Knowing a little more about this Lagree reformer will make you feel more confident during class. Don’t worry if you have trouble making it through your first session, by class 3, you’ll be a pro and there are always ways to make this class more difficult and challenging for your body.

Bonus Points: They offer Moms and Dads low-cost child care during some classes

Fierce 45 is located in various spots throughout the city. Find their location and class schedule, here.


Epic Ryde

Epic Ryde is a studio in Rino, and now Slo-Hi, that’s split into sections, one half is a stadium seating spin studio featuring Matrix IC7 bikes, the other half, is devoted to TRX, so it’s not surprising one of their most popular class is a perfect mix of the two. (Though the Spin/TRX is my fave, you can also just take straight-spin classes, too!)


What Is It? Epic Mix, aka 1/2 Cycling, 1/2 TRX, all sweat. You’ll spend the first half of this super-moivating workout on the bike, getting in and out of the seat in short spurts meant to keep your heart pumping, while adjusting the tension to your desired setting, depending on how challenging you want the workout to be. The second half, you’ll incorporate the TRX Suspension Trainer, which hangs from the ceiling in pairs and is used as a tool that leverages gravity and the user’s body weight to complete hundreds of exercises.

Who It’s Good For? The great thing about this workout is you can be a novice to hard-core athlete and still get an incredible workout during this class because it’s 100% scalable, depending on your fitness level.

Why We Think It’s Awesome: Because you get two workouts that completely compliment each other, combined in one class. Here’s what the owner, Lori, told us, ” You get the cardiovascular workout your heart needs and the strength training workout your muscles are craving. Epic Mix is a total body workout that engages your entire body.” And if you’re like us, and a little ADD, you’re going to love a workout that changes mid-class, to another workout that’s just as sweat-worthy and fun.

ProTip: Get there ten minutes before class to set up your bike. Having the seat and handles at the right height is going to make all the difference int he world!

Epic Ryde is located at 2823 Larimer St, and 4433 W 29th Avenue, Suite 204, Denver, CO. Check out the class schedule, here.


Cover Photo By: @mollyo11