The Best Thing We Ever Ate: Gque BBQ’s Pork Ribs

I toyed with other titles for this feature. “The Foodgasm Report” was high on the list, but nothing quite captured what I wanted to say, without cribbing directly from the Food Network’s “The Best Thing I Ever Ate,” so I unapologetically stole the title. So here we go, as we roll out, one at a time, our short list of Denver meals and desserts, so good, they nearly short-circuited our brains with their incredible flavors.

The Best Thing We Ever Ate: The Pork Ribs at GQue Championship BBQ

The success of GQue BBQ pork ribs is not just that the meat is fall-off-the-bone tender, but the flavor is so exceptional, you’d be foolish to obscure it with any type of BBQ sauce. The generous block of meat, never overly fatty, in tinged with a full flavor of the dry rub – salt and sugar with chiles, paprika, cayenne and what we’re guessing is a dash of citrus for a touch of zing.

We asked the owner, Jason Ganahl, “Why are these ribs so damn good?” Here’s what he had to say, “I have been competing for several years on the barbecue circuit and brought these ribs, as well as my other dishes, in front of hundreds of certified BBQ judges. I’ve taken their scoring and critiques into consideration, and used it to develop recipes that win. And that’s what we cook at GQue BBQ! We hope our guests like them as much as the judges do!”

Gque Championship BBQ

Clockwise: Pork Ribs, Mac and Cheese with added hot sauce, Apple Slaw & Jalapeno Sausage.

You’d be remise to not also try GQue BBQ’s stellar Jalapeño Cheddar Sausage, the super-creamy Mac n Cheese, as well as their Apple Slaw, which is light and citrusy, and has the perfect tartness. GQue BBQ has gotten nods for their dry rub wings from Denver Westword, (“Top 6 Places To Get Wings“), as well as named by Eater Denver as one of Denver’s Essential Barbecue Eateries.

Go with an appetite and you can have one of their sammies, too. Photo: @gquebbq’s Instagram

GQue BBQ is located at 5160 W 120th Ave, Unit K, Westminster CO 80020. You can find their hours, here