The Best Colorado Waterfalls… When You Want To Go Chasing Waterfalls ;)

Bridal Veil Falls. Photo: John O’Dell via Flickr, via 303 Magazine

Hi Everyone!

A lot of you requested some cool water falls you can drive out to, admire and maybe even hike!  If you’re a new reader, a little about me… I work full time as a photographer, and video producer and director and it’s an ESPECIALLY busy time for me. I just wanted you to know why this would be a collection of links.  Truth is: if I couldn’t compile it this way…. it might never get done!

Hanging Lake. Photo by Darian Simon via 303 Magazine

I really hope you enjoy it!

1. 10 MUST SEE FROZEN WATERFALLS – Okay, truth is, these are probably melting by now, but THE COOL thing is, that’s when they are at their most beautiful!  Check out this piece, written by 303 Magazine! 

2. 50 WATER FALL HIKES NEAR DENVER – The name of the website that wrote this article is called,  “Day Hikes Near Denver” and they really deliver!  A lot of you are often looking for hikes or activities that aren’t too fat from Denver. Hope you love this list from them!

3. 10 MOST CAPTIVATING COLORADO WATERFALLS: I picked this article because, #1, it’s written by OutThere Colorado and they have lead me on some awesome adventures, and #2, because you always ask for “the most beautiful views” and this article delivers!

Photo via Yo! Colorado

4.  15 SECRET WATERFALLS TO DISCOVER – One thing I know about you guys, is you love to know all the special and secret spots! 303 Magazine put together this list of some secret waterfalls AND lakes, for you to check out.

5. MAYBE YOU’RE COMPLETELY LAZY… AND THAT’S OKAY!: Hey, it happens, we’re over-scheduled, we get lazy, hey sometimes we’re even a lil’ hungover… but we still need to get outside! Here’s a list of beautiful waterfalls that require little to no hiking!