Rock N Lobster Roll Rocks Our Tastebuds with Denver’s Best Lobster Roll

After eating Denver’s Best Lobster Roll, I asked owner Andrew Harris of Rock N Lobster Roll to sit down and talk all things lobster (fried lobster mac n cheese, anyone?). All photos by Jenni Summer Studios.

denver's best lobster roll

Have your pick… New England Style or Connecticut Style. Photo: Jenni Summer Studios

I have to tell you how I found you. I saw that Denise Mickelsen, the food editor of 5280 Magazine, was raving about trying you at Cerebral Brewing. First, of all, I thought, how bad ass that she was over eating at a brewery and then I thought, I need that now! Did you know she had taken a photo and put it on instagram?

I had no idea we were serving an editor from 5280 magazine, but when I saw she shared a photo of our food on Instagram and tagged us with a very nice review, I was very excited!

True story, the night I came to Rock N Lobster Roll was as a second dinner after I went somewhere else with a friend. The food I had was too fussy and there was a lot of game meat. I gave it a try, but I left hungry and wanting something delicious and there you were at Epic Brewing.

My first thought looking at your lobster roll was how packed it was with lobster meat, and how you nailed the Conneticut-style roll. Buttery, but lemony, too, a perfect soft roll, grilled perfectly and all that delicious brininess of the lobster.

Tell me about your passion to bring lobster to Denver?

I love learning and trying new recipes. If I’m stuck at a certain job for too long I get bored. I need new excitement all the time. When I knew I wanted to open a food truck I really wanted to stand out from everyone else. When you are so landlocked it’s a big risk to do something like a Lobster Roll Food Truck. The most important thing is the freshness of the seafood, and we pay a hefty price to make sure we have that product. I want people who eat at my truck to say “That is the best Lobster Roll I’ve ever had” We have actually gotten a few responses like that from East Coasters.
It never gets old to hear that.

Let’s talk about your background as a chef, because you came of of CIA which a lot of people might not know. What from that training are you bringing Rock N Lobster Roll truck?

The CIA was a great experience for me. I’ll never forget one of my chefs told me the simplest ingredients prepared properly make the best dishes. That really stuck with me and that has been my philosophy my entire career. With something like Lobster Rolls, you take some great Lobster, make sure it’s cooked properly and lightly warmed in butter with a touch of lemon juice, Just like the one I prepared for you. Yours had. no bells or whistles, no extra this, and that, just basic flavors done right.
I think the whole menu reflects that philosophy.

denver's best lobster roll denver's best grilled cheese

Lobster Grilled Cheese. Photo by: Jenni Summer Studios

Some people might dismiss lobster as a summer food, but you have some real hearty lobster dishes anchoring your menu. Let’s talk about the lobster grilled cheese. I’m especially curious about the kind of cheese you’re using and why.

The Lobster grilled cheese on our menu was an idea we tossed around for awhile.
We needed to make sure we had the right balance of cheese accompanying the lobster. We use shredded Gruyere, and Brie on a butter toasted French Brioche Bread. It has a nice rich flavor without being overbearing when combined with the Lobster.As far as only being a summer food, I have already started brainstorming a winter menu to accompany the Lobster. Getting to be creative like that is lots of fun.

What’s your favorite thing on the menu and why?

That’s a very tough question. I am very proud of the whole menu. I could personally eat any of the menu items on any day. Our New England Style Lobster Roll has been our biggest seller since we opened.

I think it’s always great for people to know a little more about the people they’re reading about. Tell us something we might not know?

I’m a very simple guy. I am very proud of the business we are building with Rock N Lobster Roll. I have wonderful support from my friends, family and especially my girlfriend who volunteers her time to me every day off she has. Without people like that in your life it’s nearly impossible to succeed. Our goal is to make good food, and give our customers a great experience.

Find Andrew and Rock N Lobster Roll truck at Denver’s best breweries and all around the city. Find the schedule, here.