Reset Your New Year’s Resolutions With These Denver & Colorado Adventures!

First, big thanks to Wild Basin for partnering with me on this post! I’m sure you’ve heard of them, as they are all over the internet as everyone’s favorite boozy and bubbly, sugar-free soda.  If you like your alcoholic beverages light and refreshing, with no heavy feeling after you drink it, you’ll love Wild Basin.


When it gets dark early and the winter weather sets in, it can be easy to want to stay in and hibernate. But if one of your New Year’s resolutions was to get more exercise, or get outside and adventure more, these winter hikes will be perfect for you. Best of all, I scoured the internet so that I could find hikes that are near Denver, making even easier for you to get outside, with no excuses!

               2. BE A KID AGAIN (aka GO SNOW TUBING!)

My New Year’s resolution is always, “Make more time for fun!” By February, I’m bogged down in work and that resolution is out the window!  I thought back to a time where I felt so much joy and laughed so hard, it was tubing at YMCA of the Rockies, Snow Mountain Ranch (in fact, you can see that post here!). So when I saw this list of Top 9 Tubing and Sledding Hills in Colorado, I knew I had to include that list, here!


If you’re like me and you want to take your dog everywhere, I think you’ll love these dog friendly hikes, perfect for when we have mild and sunny winter days, here in Denver!


Gotta give some love to Wild Basin. True Confession: I love beer too much! I know you always see me out at some of my favorite breweries, here in Denver. But I’m trying to keep my boozy beverages a little lighter in 2019 and Wild Basin definitely helps with that, they are ONLY 100 calories, with 1 gram net carbs, sugar-free, gluten-free, and the flavors are awesome. My faves are the Lemon Agave Hibiscus and the Cucumber Peach but Melon Basil and Classic Lime are fantastic, too. Best of all, they are not skimping on the booze, they are 5% alcohol/vol. I think Wild Basin is so perfect if you’re active but don’t want your booze beverage to undercut your hard work at the gym. You can easily find Wild Basin at your local liquor store, here!


I used to side-eye at the idea of self-care. Who has time for that? But I’ll admit, between a full time job, that often expands into the weekend hours, and running 1000 Things To Do in Denver, I find myself getting more burnt out than even when I was a Hollywood Writer & Producer!  Here’s a couple cool self-care ideas for you!

  1. Get a massage!  My favorite place is Indulgences Day Spa on Federal in the Sunnyside neighborhood. You can read their amazing reviews here.  Now, if $80 for a one hour massage is not in your budget, my favorite adventurer, @yogimagee, highly recommends Lake Steam Baths on Colfax. It’s going to be a bit more bare bones than a spa (you can check the reviews, here), but it does have a hot tub and you can get an hour massage for just $35! Definitely look over the website, as there are men’s days and ladies days!
  2. Meditate! Okay, true confession, this has been on my list forever. If it’s been on yours, but you keep putting it off, here’s the push you need: Clyfford Still Museum holds a free meditation, once a month, in their gorgeous gallery, among their incredible paintings. Now, February and March, are sold out, but you can scroll through their calendar and register for April, and on, here.
  3. Attend FREE and discounted yoga, here in Denver. Find the dates and locations, here!


I hope some of these ideas inspire you to get outside, recharge and reset yourself back to your 2019 goals! Thanks again to Wild Basin for partnering with me!

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