Over 20 Hikes That Are 30 Minutes or Less From Denver

Photo Credit: Photographer Aaron Johnson

You want to hike, but you want hikes that are close to Denver. I understand. Whether it’s that you have plans later in the day, or don’t want to sit in traffic, here are two articles that namecheck 20 hikes that are close to Denver.

Find them both,  here, and here. 

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When I am off for a hike, I always check in on All Trails. Think of it as TripAdvisor for trails. People will give suggestions, and great info to improve your hikes. In the time of corona, I I’m hearing a lot about the app Cortex (you can use on a desktop, too), it will give info on trails closed due to corona virus, as wells as “trail conditions, species, rocks and minerals, historic places, points of interest, and much more.” It’s data is pulled from 230 trail managers across the state.