Is Linger Denver’s Best Happy Hour?

denver's best restaurant

Morgan Carter and I set out to put Linger’s Happy Hour to the test, and what we found out, is that Linger is not only one of Denver’s most beautiful bars and restaurants, but they are also serving up really delicious deals during their Happy Hour (Monday – Friday, 4pm-6:30pm).

First, up cocktails! You have a good selection of beer for $5 and wine for $6, but I’m a sucker for an Old Fashioned and also, a $6 Old Fashioned, so I order their 5 Spice Old Fashioned. The drink, a mix of Whiskey, 5 spice and bitters is billed by Linger as a “drink for non-Whiskey drinkers.” This is a beautiful introductory to the liquor, if you swear you’re not a fan. It’s smooth with a perfect hint of spice, a great sipping drink. Morgan had their Tepache Sour, made with pisco, Tequila, pineapple, lime, cinnamon and aquafaba. This was much brighter and sweeter than mine, a drink that could get me in trouble with its easy drinkability. Again, at $6, as all cocktails are at Happy Hour, a total steal.

denver's best restaurants

Moving onto the food: everything on Linger’s Happy Hour menu is $5. We order quite a few things, of which the Wagyu Slider with its peppered bacon, aged cheddar, pickled onion and curried sour cream was one of my favs. The meat is such high quality and cooked perfectly, with just the right amount of char. This burger is a must order!

denver's best restaurant

If you’re someone who loves a decadent appetizer with your happy hour drinks, you have to order the Cheese & Shishito Peppers. They are pull-apart cheesy and I love the addition of the shishito peppers, both for color and flavor. The best way to eat this dish is to have a bite of pepper with each cheese curd. If the spice level feels to hot for you, the orange-habanero jam is there to cool it down for you.

denver's best happy hour

Lemongrass Pork Potstickers were, hands down, my favorite. They had a perfect crispness on the outside but the most flavorful, tender meat on the inside. The addition of sambal provided a nice kick, but the taste was still traditional with tamari, garlic, ginger & sweet soy dancing on your palate.

denver's best happy hour

Forgive the picture quality, perhaps we were on to our second set of sips! But I had to include this picture of the Pork Belly Bun, as it was Morgan’s favorite. She loved the pillowy bun that was stuffed with thick chunks of pork belly and though the grilled pineapple jam and plum sauce added the perfect amount of unexpected acidity. I waited for a bite that did not come (!) but if makes me even more excited to go back for another round of Happy Hour at Linger.

Linger is located at 2030 W 30th Ave, Denver, CO 80211. Get full menu details, and hours, here.

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