Interview: How Visible Mobile Turned A Billboard Typo Into a Denver Massage Party

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The Backstory:  At 14th & Arapahoe, there was a huge billboard promoting Visible Mobile.  The sign read…. “Unlimited Massages, (pretty sure they meant Messages!) Minutes, and Data on Visible’s $40/month Phone Service.”  I LOL’d because I have been having such bad insomnia and my friends have sent me DMs about numerous typos in posts and stories – so I felt an immediate sense of kinship, and certainly hoped no one was going to get fired for it!

visible mobile cheap phone plan

You know what’s really common? When a company or a brand makes a mistake and blames an underling (Hey, I’ve been that underling!), and issues a canned PR apology/non-apology.  Not here! Instead, Visible copped to the mistake and decided to make it up to every single person in Denver, by throwing  A FREE MASSAGE PARTY!

visible mobile cheap phone plan

They DM’d with a cryptic message about how they’d make it up to all of us and then, a few days later, asked if I’d partner to let people know about the event.

I will say this: in 2.5 years of doing 1000 Things To Do In Denver, this is the first time a brand has given back something to my audience, wholly, for free.  I made sure there was no pressure to sign up for anything, or give away personal info (unless your interested in the product, and want to!) etc. They assured me that this was just a way to give back and let people know about Visible Mobile (when I saw them at CRUSH, over a five day period, Visible Mobile team members handed out swag and never asked my friends and me for anything in return)..

An art emoticon that Visible commissioned from two of my favorite artists, Pat Milbery and Pat McKinney of SoGnar Creative Division.

I felt further confident when Visible Mobile announced, on their own instagram, that they were throwing a free massage party,  how many people commented back how much they loved their Visible Mobile plan.

So, I asked Issac Drake, social media and influencer lead, if I could interview him and he agreed!  🙂  Find it below!

(**Disclaimer, Visible Mobile’s first answer is in black text, the rest in blue… can’t fix w/o an install (and so not technical). Though I can’t offer you a massage for my typos, I will give you a big hug if I see you at the Massage Party on Saturday!!)

Such a huge fan of Denver-based Hand Letterer, Muralist, & Visible Mobile Collaborator @adamvicarel. PS, he runs a bi-monthly hand lettering company! Follow him on insta for more info.

You support a lot of local Denver artists, like Pat Milbery & his so_gnarcreativedivision, as well as Adam Vicarel.... so that’s how I first learned about you. Then I saw your huge presence at CRUSH.  What was the inspiration of bringing in a huge glass atrium, where people could gather, color and create their own art?
Through everything we do at Visible, whether digitally or in real life, we’re all about building a strong community and this felt like a natural place for our brand to have a presence. We’ve been so fortunate to partner with local Denver artists like Adam and Pat, and they’ve brought life to our brand through their work.
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I really though it was brilliant because CRUSH week can be overwhelming and a little intimidating. So it was disarming to have a place where you could play a little.  I met a lot of people there – they had traveled in from all over the world.  Is this what you envisioned?
Totally! We love the idea of bringing people together, whether its through a phone call or a sharpie-filled art table. We’re so glad to hear that was your experience. Be on the lookout for us to show up in other unique ways over the next few months. We have a few special activations and exciting events planned for Denver. 🙂 
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No, a Visible Mobile phone doesn’t look like this! But I love their instagram’s fun and vibrant posts!

Awesome!  Let’s get to the phones. As I mentioned I’m friendly with both Pat Milbery and Adam Vicarel, so right away I was intrigued, because they don’t just partner with any brand.  Is this $40 a month really real?  What’s the fine print?  My phone bill is over $100 and it breaks my heart paying that every month!
I know sounds a little good to be true right? We’re happy to say that it’s not! The best part is that there really is no fine print. With Visible, you get unlimited everything (data, messages, minutes, and hotspot) on Verizon’s 4G LTE network for just 40 dollars a month, all in.
We can offer that insanely low price because we’re all digital and don’t have physical stores. No need to feel hustled in a mall kiosk ever again. 🙂  We’re not one of those carriers who like to lock you in to a long-term contract and hit you with a few random charges every month that you can’t explain. What you see is what you get, and you can easily sign up on our website. 
And can I use my current iPhone? I hate those deals where you have to use some kind of cheap plastic phone in order to get the deal.
We’re compatible with most all iPhones and a handful of android devices but we’re adding more all the time. Just to be sure, we recommend checking your compatibility here:, if you purchase a phone from us (at 0% financing!) you can get a $200 Mastercard gift card to spend on the phone or anything else you’d like
That’s awesome!  Thanks for taking the time to answer all my questions. I can’t wait to see you on Saturday at the Visible Mobile Massage Party!
The Visible Mobile Massage Party happens this Saturday, September 21, from 2pm-7pm, at Denver Union Station.  Bring your friends and your fur kids, as well!  Got a question?  Ask it on my instagram post, about the event, and I’ll respond ASAP!