The Hot List: 8 Awesome Things To Do In Denver

SIDECAR LOUNGE: This exists and for that…. we should be grateful. It’s the Bloody Mary at Sidecar Lounge. And if you’re not a fan of grill cheese… they have a cheeseburger one for you, too!. Don’t be fooled by this fantastic, yet sort of cartoony offering… word is, this is the place to get a serious craft cocktail. Come and get it!

Info about Sidecar is sort of hush-hush but you can grab their address and hours, here.

NATIVE CAMPER VANS: Road trips aren’t just for the summer and this pic by @vanlifediaries has us ready to book a Native Camper Vans for our next adventure. They have a 3 night minimum but have some great built in extras, like including all bedding and kitchen ware, as well as throwing in 100 free miles per day. If you have a 7 night or longer excursion, you can bring your rental down to $85 per night! Check out their amazing Yelp reviews, here.

MADDIE’S RESTAURANT: Bacon and Cheese Latkes. Need I say more? That’s not all Maddie’s get praise for! People call their pancakes, light and fluffy but still substantial, the best in town (get the banana and walnut!). What I love? The perfectly crisp hash browns (don’t make me call out the hash browns in this town that come in a heap of barely warm mush!).  They have recently expanded so if you found getting a seat tough before, give them another try!

WHAT TO GET: Besides the above, Traditional Benedict (with ham and gouda!), The Chicken Schnitzel and Eggs and The Bottomless Mimosas with OJ, Pineappple & Cranberry. Their menu is not up on their website, so it might have changed since the expansion but you can see more, here.

STAY AMIGO: Stay Amigo, the sweetest little 17 room boutique hotel-motel I ever did see, is becoming the absolute darling of instagram. Full disclosure, I haven’t been, but every single one of my friends have! Including @dinnerpartyassociation who threw a Pop Up dinner there that sold out, in what felt like seconds. But this gem in Salida, just a 2.5 hour drive from Denver, is just too good not to talk about. Double Queen Rooms start at $135 (yes, even on the Weekend) so it’s the perfect spot for a girls get-a-way.

Since, I haven’t been, I asked my friends why they love it so much. Here’s what Megan Ranegar of @dinnerpartyassociation had to say, “When can I move in? Amigo is my favorite weekend getaway in Colorado. From the tipi to the beer on tap in the sunroom, they’ve seriously thought of everything.”

From Amanda Carroo, “A sixty year-old motel turned hipster chic. From the ultra comfortable beds to the accent walls and nick-nacks, each detail has been carefully considered. The staff is extremely friendly and the charming location provides for a great mini-getaway!”

CHECK OUT A NEW MURAL: It’s definitely one of my favorites in the city. This piece is by artists Pat Milbery, Pat McKinney, Jason Graves and Remington Robinson. You can view it at 2314 Broadway Avenue. Much love to Visit Denver and Rino Art District for their support of these artists and all the public art in our city!

Photo: @yogimagee

ICE SKATE ONE OF COLORADO’S BEAUTIFUL LAKES: The scenery will be beautiful and the memory will be magic. Because you will clock a substantial drive to one of the lakes pictured here (@yogimagge is at Mills Lake and @arthurmessal skated at both Dream and Nymph Lakes), you might want some idea if the lake is safe to skate. I asked one of my favorite adventurers, Natalie Magee (aka @yogimagee) if there is a good way to tell.  She said this link here, would be good to reference.

If you’re with children, leery about stepping out on a lake, or just want more amenities, check out these outdoor skating rinks.

FISH N BEER: It’s rare that I go to a restaurant and want everything on the menu, but Fish N Beer just kicks up all my nostalgia for New England summers with their seafood-forward menu. And though you’ll find many things you’d expect from a New England-inspired establishment, almost every menu item has the most creative (and delicious) twist to it: Fish n Chips gets a spin by subbing out cod for blowfish tails, and the spicy aioli dipping sauce that accompanies it is such a treat, for both your fish and fries. Oysters are served two ways – “House” with garlic, parmesan and parsley; and “Devil Butter” – grilled tomato, chile de árbol, garlic butter, and we love that perfect spicy kick. Also not to be missed:  Smelt Fries and the Baby Kale Salad (it’s tossed with crispy prosciutto – just trust us).

VEGETARIAN TREATS: We love that the owner and chef, Kevin Morrison, didn’t forget vegetarians. Our two favorites: The Mushroom “Steak” Commercial, a grilled portabella with melted Swiss, scallion, whipped potatoes, crimini mushroom gravy and toasted ciabatta, as well as the Roasted Beet “Tartare,” so beautiful and colorful on the plate, and so flavorful!

OTHER GOOD STUFF: All night happy hour on Monday: $6 rose, cocktail specials, $1 off beer, plus $1.50 raw oysters, $2 grilled oysters, $5 blowfish special and $3 Goose Point oyster sliders

THE WEATHERVANE CAFE: Anyone can make hot cocoa…. but The Weathervane Cafe takes it next level with their Smoked Hazelnut Mocha (*faints*). It’s finished with torched marshmallows that will give you that fun fireside feeling. If you haven’t been to The Weathervane Cafe, it’s the sweetest place that feels like going over to a friend’s house – if that friend loves to whip up creative and drool-worthy food in their kitchen. Check out some of their offerings, here.