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We’re a small but mighty team. Interviewing, writing, photographing and managing a website is a considerable undertaking. Please check here, to see if we have already answered your question. Thank you!

  1. We write our own stories; as well as source and photograph them. If you find an error in a story about your business, or a photo not properly credited, please email us with the subject, “Story Error.”
  2. If you are a photographer, a graphic designer, a writer or an adventurer looking to guest-contribute, as well as let our audience know about your talents, feel free to email us with the subject, “Let’s Collaborate.” If you have any examples of your work, we’d love to see them! We’re especially looking for cool adventures (hiking, winter sports, camping and more) as well as to feature men and women passionate about Denver’s beer scene.
  3. Reposting our Content: Thank you, we’re flattered. Here are our guidelines about that: You can post one photo (with credit to the photographer) with a link to our original post on your blog or website.  Do not post, even in part, the content of any post of 1000 Things To Do In Denver, without written permission. 1000 Things To Do In Denver  is protected by copyright laws.
  4. Comments: We love your comments and welcome your questions, too. We’re going to keep comments open for now but if we ever feel like we’re falling behind in answering your questions or replying to your comments, we might close them and just do one open post per week. The thought that someone might need to know what the best rooftop bar in Denver is, and then felt ignored because we were busy, keeps us awake at night!



We’re happy to do sponsored posts if you’re an awesome company that has a great product or service that aligns with the content of 1000 Things To Do In Denver. Some of our favorite things are (but not limited to): food and drink; adventure companies and tours; hotels; outdoor and fitness apparel and gear;  fashion and beauty. Our goal is to be hyper-local, so companies born and bred in Denver, & surrounding areas, can step to the head of the line!

We want out sponsored posts to not just make you look good, but us look good as well! We have professional photographers, videographers, graphic designers (and more), that we collaborate with to make our content look gorgeous.  Please email us with the subject, “Sponsored Post,” so we can talk more about bringing your idea to life!


We serve the reader first and care deeply about procuring the best and the most useful content for them. If we have to ponder, “Would our audience want to read this?” it’s not right for us and we will let you know! (Also, if you buy us a drink, we might tell you what we’ve said, “no,” to.)


We’d love to hear from you. Again, our email is: