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Though I have friends pitching in with ideas, and their favorites in Denver, it’s just me, Kayla, here, and I see 1000 Things To Do In Denver as a passion project (I have a full time job, and love it!). Though 1000 Things To Do In Denver mostly lives on Instagram, I do try and post some roundups of the best in Denver food, Drink, Fashion, Fitness, Music and Outdoors, on this website, for easier search-ability and link-ability.

  1. If you are a photographer, a graphic designer, a writer or an adventurer looking to guest-contribute, as well as let our audience know about your talents, feel free to email us with the subject, “Let’s Collaborate.” I especially love cool adventures (hiking, winter sports, camping and more) as well as to feature women and men passionate about Denver’s beer scene. It’s great to have perspectives, that are just not my own, or that of my friends!
  2. Reposting The Content You See Here:  Here are some guidelines about that: You can post one photo (with credit to the photographer) with a link to our original post on your blog or website.  Do not post, even in part, the content of any post of 1000 Things To Do In Denver, without written permission. 1000 Things To Do In Denver  is protected by copyright laws, and all photos that are not my own, are used with permission. Thank you!
  3. Comments: I love your comments and welcome your questions, too. I’m going to keep comments closed/moderated for now. Come on over to Instagram for the fastest answers! Just comment in the latest post, and I will try and get back to you as soon as I can. The thought that someone might need to know what the best rooftop bar in Denver is, keeps me awake at night!


1000 Things To Do In Denver serves the readers, first, and I care deeply about putting together the best and the most useful content for them. If I have to think, “Would the audience want to read this?” that means, it might not be quite right for us. Happy to let you know! (Also, if you buy me a drink, we might tell you what we’ve said, “no,” to.)


I’d love to hear from you. Again, my email is: It is often on “vacation settings” and might bounce back to you. My full-time job comes first but I do check the emails!