Denver’s Best Hangover Brunches

You did it. You drank too much. Here’s the good news: it’s all going to be okay because you’re going to partake in the glorious post-many-many-drinks ritual of eating something carb-y, bacon-y and yummy to soak it all up! And a lil’ cocktail or two probably wouldn’t hurt at this point either, eh?

Here are some of our favorite Denver hangover brunches:

DENVER BISCUIT COMPANY: If you haven’t been to Denver Biscuit Company then we think you haven’t ever really been hung over! What can we say that has not been said: it’s rich, it’s decadent, it’s our go-to when we want to resurrect our day after a night of too much partying.

WHAT TO GET: Here, you can’t make a wrong move, however, The Franklin – Buttermilk fried chicken, Tender Belly bacon, and cheddar cheese smothered in sausage or vegetarian mushroom gravy – has never let us down. Feeling something a lil’ more “breakfast-y,” get The Dahlia – Housemade sausage patty, apple butter, fried egg & maple syrup and you can even have it built on biscuit french toast for an extra $2.50.

SHELLS & SAUCE: It’s not just that it’s the incredible combo of chicken and waffles that has us swooning, it’s that Shells & Sauce blessed us a second time by bacon and Stranahan’s whiskey butter. All thanks to @cantbrunchwithus who contributed this photo.

ONE FOLD: Loading up on carbs post-booze-hound behavior is smart. Adding bacon fried rice tossed in duck fat from Onefold = BRILLIANT. You’ll be feelin’ fine in no time.  (They have an amazing breakfast burrito and their breakfast tacos with griddled cheese are 100, too!)

ZENGO: If you’re looking to take the upscale party from New Year’s Eve, right into brunch, you have to go to Zengo. They have and amazing deal, $39 per person for bottomless brunch food & booze. Not only is this a steal, but we’re also loving the concept of non-breakfast items at brunch (though they have lots of “breakfast-y” items, too!) which always snaps our hangover out of a bad mood.

WHAT TO GET: We’ll take the Lobster Chipotle Grits (swoon!), Bacon Fried Rice, Chicken Chilaquiles and the Citrus Salmon Benedict! Best of all they have not one but EIGHT brunch cocktails to wash your decadent brunch down with!

LOWDOWN BREWERY: Carb hard and carb often is our mantra after a big night of imbibing and this Champions of Breakfast pizza with Chorizo, scrambled eggs, cheddar, potatoes, jalapenos, red onion and “buttah'” will have you feeling right in no time. They also have an awesome Egg McMuffin ‘za that @milehighandhungry and I had one morning when we were hurtin.’  Bonus points to Lowdown for all their hilarious named menu items!

VARIOUS BRUNCH SPOTS: Picking only one Denver best breakfast burrito could get me in trouble, so here are a few of my favs:

  1. Taqueria La Familia – It’s small and it’s not fancy, at all, but the food will blow the lid off your taste buds. Have their Bacon Breakfast Burrito and I swear, you’ll love me, and the brother-sister team that runs this place. (Bonus Points: Pork salsa!!!)
  2. El Taco de Mexico – We hear you should skip the breakfast burrito and have the Chile Relleno Burrito… smothered, of course!
  3. Tamales by La Casita – The prices and the portions are small which we find a plus, because you can order a lot of little things. We’d be remiss if we didn’t advise you to get some of their fantastic tamales as well. Family run and one of our favorite places!
  4. Butcher Block Cafe – Whenever my friends and I talk about curing our hangover, all talk leads to The Butcher Block Cafe’s Breakfast Burrtto – get it smothered with green chile and if you’re still hungover, one of those giant cinnamon rolls should get your blood flowing fast!
  5. Snooze – While we can’t think of anything worse for our hangover than a long line at brunch, if you can get in (or if you can get your hands on a Mimosa, or one of their really good Bloody Marys), people do rave about this “the size of a small child” breakfast burrito

VOODOO DOUGHNITS: They say how you spend the first day of the New Year is how you’ll spend every day of the year… so get some Voodoo Doughnuts, get back in bed and you’re welcome. This stellar picture is by @newdenzien.

EL CAMINO COMMUNITY TAVERN:  Full disclosure my bacon Breakfast Queso was so good, I didn’t even have time to take a pic, it was gone that fast. So while I’m sneaking in a pic I found on google, you can trust me, it will taste as good as this pic looks.

WHAT ELSE TO EAT:  The Breakfast Rellemo is outstanding and if you’re looking for hearty comfort food, the Corn Cake Scramble IS SO GOOD! The corn cakes are house made and you get a delicious scramble on top with black beans, pico de gallo, avocado and cheese!

A STEAL: Booze won’t set you back too far either, a Bloody Mary is just $3 and a Mimosa is only $2 – perfect when you want a treat but not a huge bill for bottomless booze that you won’t drink!

MAX’S WINE DIVE: Savory food is good food, but let’s face it, we’re curing hangovers here and sometimes, we need a shot of sugar to get us running. I’ve never been more blown away than the brunch at Max’s Wine Dive, I was with @milehighandhungry and we met the chef and he seemed just  so cool and seemed to love experimenting in the kitchen and finding new ways to bring the most amazing flavors together.

WHAT TO GET: I hate to be so general but truly – any of the benedicts, any of the french toast (they are that good), same for fried chicken – now getting specific – the bacon flight – damn and DAMN. They are VERY NAUGHTY and they are not being specific about their brunch drinks specials, but my memory is WE DRANNNNNNK and it was cheap, so please check, by calling them – 303-593-2554.

LOU’S FOOD BAR: One day, I asked all you lovelies, “What is your favorite Denver Fried Chicken?” and you said, “Lou’s Food Bar” and that’s why Lou’s Food Bar made our Best Denver Hangover Brunch List.

WHAT TO GET: The Chicken and Waffles, full stop. And you know you need those $10 bottomless mimosas, too, because you deserve them! Love, duck? The Duck Confit Eggs Benedict are for you! The ginger beer is made in-house so people rave about the Moscow Mules, too.

BONUS ROUND: They have a Saturday Happy Hour from 3-6pm and 8-close, and Sunday Happy Hour 3-5pm, because they love us.

FOUR FRIENDS KITCHEN: The bad news, it’s going to be impossible to make a decision here, the good news: you can’t make a bad one. There’s so much love and passion behind this Southern-inpired cuisine. The coolness: a ton of options for our vegetarian (and gluten free) friends who love Southern comfort food!.

WHAT WE LOVE: Shrimp and Grits & Crispy Huevos Rancheros, the Beignets. 

FOR OUR VEGGIE PEEPS: Mushroom Sweet Potato Hash & Eggs, Berries and Cream French Toast, Creamy Housemade Mac and Cheese.

THE CORNER OFFICE: I’ve learned a lot in my eating and drinking career and it’s sometimes a restaurant can do food well and sometimes it can do discount booze well. But when it comes to The Corner Office, they do it all GREAT. Not only do you get really delicious, drool-worhy dishes, but on Sundays, they have THE MOST epic Build Your Own Bloody Mary Bar (with over 2 dozen options to customize and bottomless, people!) and all for $15. You can read our love letter to this masterpiece, here.

WHAT TO GET:  Butter Pecan FrenchToast, Crab Cale Benedict & Southern Style Chicken and Waffles and we love the Biscuits and Jam though you can order them with gravy.

WATERCOURSE FOODS: Vegans get drunk, too, and it’s not fair that there are not enough food lists dedicated to relieving their hangover! So here’s one, and we think this “Chorizo” Hash with tempeh chorizo, black beans, sweet potatoes, scrambled tofu, caramelized onions, green chili, and avocado créme looks so good, even our mouths are watering at the sight of it!

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