Denver! Let’s Keep Busy While We Stay At Home (Free Workouts + More!)

It’s been stressful, and I’m two days into this Stay At Home Order… and I’m already feeling antsy (perhaps since it’s my 12th day of self-quarantine!). I know for my mental health, keeping busy, and staying away from too much media and social media, helps me during stressful times.

So I thought I’d provide you with some ideas that might help you through this.

(Please note none of this is an ad, nothing has been comped or provided to me.)


A great way to support local, and keep your mind busy, is to learn a new skill. My Mom, when my Dad was so sick, used to latch hook at the hospital so she could take her time off from worrying 24/7. I really love Fancy Tiger Crafts, on Broadway, and the owner is still filling orders there. Knitting, crocheting, fiber arts, she’s got a ton of kits and supplies to send your way.

Though Fancy Tiger Crafts have canceled their in-store classes, I’m sure if you are inexperienced and bought a kit, you’d find a great a great YouTube tutorial to guide you through!

Crafting a little too extra for you? I love these Art Color Kits that Denver-based artist Gandy put together. He collaborated with other incredible Denver-based artists to do this, and crayons come in every kit. Could be sweet to send to a friend that’s having a tough time with this. Pick from 6 designs and they are under $14, each.


You can point him to the paragraph below, which has a lot of ideas for sweating. Or… get him crafting, too. Get him going on this! I am also loving these coloring pages made from Denver Artists and Muralists that Mike Graves put together. Find it here.


To keep my head on straight, and to help me sleep better at night, moving my body, is essential. While my dog wants nothing more than a really long walk, I need some more intense workouts, to do the trick.

Here’s a list of Denver workout spots that have free video workouts, that you can do from the comfort of your own home. Thanks to all of your ideas! For some, I could not find a clear link to free classes, and I don’t want to frustrate people. Happy to add more, but please send their link to Thanks!

  1. Yoga + MeditationCheck out this post, I put up this week. Yoga, meditation… all at your fingertips.
  2. EpicRyde – My fave spin studio (make sure you take their Karaoke Spin once we’re all not house-bound!) The link in their Insta bio, contains two free classes, “Epic Burn with Lori” and “Yoga Flo with Suz.”
  3. Orange Theory Highlands – These are my people. I think people think it’s a crazy-impossible workout but each workout is completely scalable, which I love… give them a try while they are streaming free workouts on InstaLive and Facebook. I find it easiest to find the schedule by checking their Insta.

Not Local, but free. 

  1. Blogilates – This blogger has a 14 Day Quarantine Workout Plan. I love the simplicity of it, Casey basically takes 7 moves (for example, squats, bicycle legs), you do 20-30 reps, that’s it! Do additional rounds if you feel like it!

Bonus, Free Denver-Based Workout… But you will need a piece of equipment

  1. Alchemy 365 – These workouts looking really challenging and fun, however, you will need a “Torpedo.” From Google… “A Torpedo is a piece of equipment blending a barbell, a kettlebell and a dumbbell, it allows people of all fitness levels to press, pull, squat, swing, condition and build strength. You can buy one on Amazon or perhaps contact Alchemy and see if you can purchase and pick up.

Bonus, Denver-Based Low Cost Workout

  1. Fierce 45 – Pilates based workouts, that you don’t need equipment for! Try four free videos on their website, if you love them, spend $10 a week, to receive more. You can cancel anytime, which is so generous, as many of us just aren’t sure about their financial status, week to week.


Now’s not the time to be sneaky or look for work-arounds for this Shelter in Place order…  but I have to say once I heard about the order, going into effect in less than 24 hours, all I could think was, I just want to drive around in my car, with absolutely no place to go. Knowing that freedom was about to be over, just made me want it more.

Then I thought, well, essentially… I could drive for a bit, if I was picking up food. Before I speak of my diabolical plan (I’m going to name some places that would make for a great drive, and great food), I want you to know, I take this quarantine very seriously. If I drive to any of these spots, it will be by myself, I won’t be packing the car with friends, and neither should you!

Here’s some cool spots:

  1. Rose’s Boulder, at Rosetta Hall – This is the new concept by Chef Carrie Baird, formerly of Bar Dough, and as you may remember, a Top Chef finalist on Season 15, as well as a James BeardNominee, 2020. Fried Chicken sandwich? Cheese Burger? Mom’s Mac + Cheese? Rose’s has all that and more, check the website, here.
  2. GQue BBQ – My fave BBQ, try them in Westminster or Park Hill.
  3. Babette’s Artisan – Pizza, Bread, Sandwiches. They used to be in RiNo and I miss them so much. They are known around the world.  Parties are incredible. In Longmont.

CAN SOMEONE GET ME A DRINK PLEASE? (Booze Recipes and More…)

What’s really getting me through this is keeping some sense of normalcy and routine.  I really miss it being 4:30pm or so, and reaching out to my friends, and figuring out which bar to meet up at. Those days may be no more, but, below, are a few ways to make the perfect cocktail and “meet up” with your friends, on FaceTime or Zoom:

  1. You can support any number of our liquor stories, craft breweries, wineries, distilleries, by making a purchase. Many have delivery set up.
  2. Here are two of my fave Denver-based instagrammers who have great cocktail recipes. Find Apartment Bartender’s recipes here. I love that he has a “how to make clear ice” tutorial, too! Check out Cake n Knife’s boozy cocktail recipes, here.
  3. Just want those HH cocktails delivered? So many of our local Denver restaurants now serve cocktails. It’s a great way to support them, as often, the money made through liquor sales is a main way they profit, and can pay their employees. Again, whether you are ordering food, or drink, please stay 6 ft away from the other person. In the story highlights on my Instagram, I consulted with docs and nurses about their best practices for social distancing. Please read it, if you feel you need more info!


I’ve tried a few classes from Creative Live and really enjoyed them. I swear I paid for them, so I am unclear if Creative Live offering classes, for free, now, is because of the crisis we are in, or if some are offered free, and more I-depth classes are offered for a fee.  They are all taught, while streaming, from an educator, working in whatever trade they are teaching you in. Photography, Art, Design, Music, and Life Skills (lol, I need some). Find them all, here.

Hope you enjoy these, and they take your mind off things, even if just for a little bit.

xo Kayla