Best Places to See (& Hike To) Wildflowers in Colorado

Traditionally, (most) wildflowers are at their peak from mid-July to mid-August, in Colorado. I’m not sure if it’s because the tremendous snow and rain, now combined¬† with these warmer temps, but I’m seeing wildflowers all over some of my favorite instagrams!

So I thought, rather than wait a few weeks, I’d link some great articles, which feature the best places to spot wildflowers.

best colorado wildflowers

Photographer: Lars Leber – I LOVE his work…. find him here.

1. Six Beautiful Places to Spot Wildflowers in Colorado РOutThere Colorado is one of my fave resources for outdoor activities in Colorado.  Four of these locations are quite far from Denver, but two are under a 90 minute drive.

Lory State Park via Facebook

2. Hiking Trails with Wildflowers, Near Denver – I know a lot of you have very busy weekends, and prefer to find hikes near Denver. This article, from “Day Hikes from Denver” has dozens of hikes, featuring wildflowers.

wildflowers in colorado

Butler Gulch via All Trails

3. 11 Best Hikes to See Wildflowers in Spring and Summer – Now you might see a lot of overlap in this article, from 303 Magazine, however, I am including it because I love all the additional info they add to the article – like when the flowers are blooming, how difficult the hike is, hike length, as well as including a few “highlights” for your information!

Rocky Mountain National Park via Facebook

I hope you enjoy these hikes! If there’s another outdoor adventure you’d like to see, please leave a comment here, or in the latest comment section on instagram!