Best Places to Beat The Heat & Swim Near Denver

Photo: Paradise Cove from All Trails

I’m over it! I’m hot as heck and I’m tired of being sweaty and miserable. You, too?  From swimming pools to swimming holes, here are some of the best places to cool off in, near Denver.

I am doing a roundup of articles, as I have a crazy week at work. I would advise just double checking all swimming holes, pools, etc, and make sure they are open!

  1.  21 Best Swimming Holes and Swimming Spots in Colorado – Well thank you, 303 Magazine for this round up. Paradise Cove has forever been on my list! I found this article, about the new rules, and entry fee for Paradise Cove, really informative.
  2. Rivers, Hot Spring Pools, Denver Pools and More – The Thrillist keeps it local, with this list.  Congress Park Pool, here I come!
  3. Best Swimmable Lakes – Yes, please! I just love how clean, refreshing and pristine lakes can be! This list was made for me. And while not technically, a lake, the Aurora Reservoir is a beautiful and refreshing body of water. Read more about it, here. Bonus points for kayak and SUP rentals, which they have until the end of summer.
  4. Swimming Holes Near Denver – And if you wondered why I mentioned double checking if pools, etc, were open, this list showcases El Dorado  Springs Pool – but unfortunately, it’s out of commission right now, while it gets a but of a makeover. Still this is a good list, if you want to keep your drive time, minimal from Denver.
  5. Just Get Me To A Swimming Pool, STAT – No worries there, check out this list, to find a city pool, near you!
  6. Go Tubing – Tubing is a super fun way to stay cool. Check out some cool places to say cool, when you go tubing!

If I missed your fave swimming pool, lake or swimming hole, please let me know in the comments, or in the comment section of instagram, on the latest post! Thank you 🙂