Best Holiday Cocktail Recipe: Pecan Pie Manhattan

I’ll admit, every Thanksgiving, I take the easy way out: I bring pie! I really want to up my guest game this Thanksgiving, and bring my host and hostess a treat that will add WOW factor to the table.  Enter: Pecan Pie Manhattans by Denver based recipe developer, Meghan of  Cake n Knife.


While I’m usually drooling over her desserts and thumbing through her recipe index for game-day inspired recipes, it’s her “Booze” recipe section that really got my attention this holiday season. The best part is, you’ll only need three ingredients to make the Pecan Pie Bourbon, and if you’re already baking for the holidays, you probably already have the ingredients on hand.


Already set for what you’re bringing on Thanksgiving? You should still check out the recipe for Pecan Pie Manhattans as mixing up a batch of the Pecan Pie Bourbon would make THE PERFECT Christmas gift.  Find the recipe over at Cake n Knife, here. Happy Holidays!