Behind The Photo: How This Tattoo Came To Be

Denver's Best Tattoo artist

When I saw this tattoo, the artistry immediately struck me, as well as the boldness of the tattoo and it’s sentiment. So I contacted Denver-based tattoo artist, Angelo J McGuire, and owner of  Dead Drift Tattoo, to see if he could give me the story behind the photo.

What intrigued me the most was, who wanted it? Who were they and what were they trying to say? From Angelo, aka A.J.: “I tattooed it on a girl who works at Renegade, here in Denver. She said people grab her a lot at work so she wanted a prickly cactus that said, “Don’t touch me.”  I love doing traditional- style tattoos but don’t get the opportunity to do them often, so I tried to draw the coolest design I could come up with. Hopefully it’ll inspire more people to get traditional-inspired pieces from me!”

You can find A.J. at Dead Drift Tattoo or on his instagram, here. Or just shoot him an email at

Dead Drift Tattoo 1027 21st St, Denver, CO 80205   Phone: (720) 532-0904