I’m Kayla and I started 1000 Things To Do In Denver as a way to merge my two favorite loves: obsessive list making and the city of Denver. I’m a former TV writer and producer (TV + music videos), who has lived in L.A. and New York (don’t judge me, I swear I’m a good Northeast girl!), and I found myself “over” living in rat race cities where money and materialism were valued over people and experiences.

When I put my ideal list together of everything I wanted in a city – incredible people, beautiful weather, a vibrant food and drink scene, art, music, culture, and architecture –  I realized Denver had it all. Add in the backdrop of majestic mountains, and I feel all the more lucky to now call Denver home, But when I first moved here, navigating everything this city had to offer was overwhelming for a newbie like me (so many screeds on Yelp eventually take their toll!).

1000 Things To Do In Denver serves to not only suggest fun, adventurous (and delicious) things you can do in Denver but also put a spotlight on the hard-working, creative and talented people who bring them to you. From small business owners speaking about what drives their passion, to incredibly talented chefs, brewers  and makers, listing their favorite things to do in Denver, this website seeks to connect, more deeply, the people in this city.

I hope you enjoy 1000 Things To Do In Denver! I always welcome your suggestions of people and places that I should get to know. Always feel free to email me, 1000ThingsToDoInDenver@gmail.com.

Thank you!


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Not a picture of me but it perfectly represents my reluctance to have my picture taken so I asked Sacred Thistle if I could use this!