10 Awesome Things To Do In Frisco, Colorado


At just over an hour drive from Denver, Frisco, Colorado, seems worlds away.  Whether you’re looking for picturesque mountain views, or to be active, and go hiking, rafting, horseback riding, biking, fishing (and more!), I’ve got the best tips on what to do in Frisco, Colorado! (And yes, eats, drinks, and breweries, too!)

1. IF YOU LOVE A GOOD PARTY – The Town of Frisco is throwing and EPIC party this weekend, AND ADMISSION IS FREE (I get a lil’ excited when things are free 😉 ). What excites me the most about it is, it really feels like we are ushering in fall: tons of artists will be showing and selling their wares, and browsing (and shopping) is one of my fave things to do! For my Foodie Friends, 12 restaurants are excited to meet you and feed you wonderful bites from their restaurants, and for my beer lovers, a beer garden, with a concentration on German beers! Margarita fan? They have you covered, in fact, get all the info about the Town of Frisco’s Fall Fest, here!  (And yes, well-behaved dogs on leashes, are welcome!)

2. LET’S HIKE IN FRISCO, COLORADO – These aren’t just any hikes, I know you want hikes with beautiful views! Check out hikes with views, here. Now, I know a lot of you want more challenging hikes, for that, I turn to these hikes from All Trails. I love that the people have done the hikes give tips as well as reviews!

3. OH, BUT I’D LIKE TO TAKE MY DOG ON THE HIKE – No problem! Check out these dog friendly hikes in Frisco, Colorado!

4. WE’D LIKE TO GO CAMPING IN FRISCO, COLORADO – Good call! Can I come with you? (Jk, not really!) I love this list the Town of Frisco put together of best spots to camp! From “dispersed camping” to Full RV Camping, they have the best spots. Another idea for camping in and around Frisco, Colorado, is this list from Hipcamp. I’m including it because my friend used to work with them, and she said they had a good vetting process. The Hipcamp list also includes some “glamping spots in Colorado,” which is great… for people like me!

5. AFTER ALL THAT HIKING AND CAMPING, I SURE COULD USE A LIST OF BEST BREWERIES TO GO TO IN FRISCO – I mean, that’s what I’m here for!  Now, according to Colorado Brewery List, there’s only 2 breweries in Frisco, CO: Highside Brewing and Outer Range Brewing Company. Highside Brewing boasts a beautiful patio with views, and people love how dog friendly they are (dogs allowed inside, on lower level).  Beers range in styles from Pale Ales, Red, Pilsners, IPAs and Porters. I hear great things about the food, too!

Outer Range Brewing Company specializes in IPAs and Belgian Ales and they have been awarded Top 15 Breweries of 2018 by Hop Culture Magazine and Breakout Brewery (2018).  A lot of my friends call it a “destination spot” and they love their dog friendly tap room and that their patio has mountain views!

Now if you want to try more breweries, check out this list of breweries close to Frisco, Colorado!

6. ACTUALLY, WHAT WE REALLY WANT TO DO IS RENT A BOAT – That’s EXACTLY what I want to do. I always feel so relaxed after being out on the water. The Town of Frisco, Colorado, put this list together. Here, you can find out about rental fees for power boats, fishing boats, runabouts, and pontoon boats. Get me out on that water! A few of you mentioned you’d like to fish, learn more about fishing Dillon Lake, here. Now, for the novices, or the people that want more of a guided fishing tour, here are some fishing tour companies near Frisco, Colorado.

7. WE REALLY WANT TO GO BIKING – Oooo, with all those gorgeous mountain views? Of course you do! Summit County Biking put together this comprehensive list of where to bike around Summit County. The Town of Frisco stepped out these mountain bike trails.  And if you’re more interested in a recreational bike path, check out this list

8. WE’D LOVE TO GO HORSEBACK RIDING –  Check out these ranches and outfitters, who will have you up and riding trails, in no time!

9. LET’S GO RIDE A HOT AIR BALLOON – You’ll have to take a ride to Breckenridge, just a 20 minute drive, but you’re in good hands with Colorado Hot Air Balloon Rides, they have amazing reviews!

10. ALL THAT FUN IN THE SUN IS MAKING ME HUNGRY, WHERE SHOULD WE EAT – Now this is where I’m lacking expertise, as I haven’t eaten in Frisco, CO. Now it might seem to be a cop out to give you a list of the best of the best, according to Yelp reviews, but whewwwww, this list took me longer than I thought and I MUST get back to work!

I hope this list of fun things to do in Frisco, Colorado makes your time there more enjoyable! Thank you so much for reading and have a ball!