5 Of The Best Colorado Hot Springs

When it’s cool in Denver, why hang in town, when we can’t even drink on patios? No, this weekend is for adventuring… in a hot springs kind of way.

STRAWBERRY HOT SPRINGS: Strawberry Hot Springs gets high praise on Trip Advisor for being “a beautiful setting” and “best way to soothe aching muscles after skiing,” so we think if you’re out by Steamboat Springs, Strawberry Hot Springs s definitely worth the visit.


COST: $15weekdays/$20 weekends

Get all the info for Strawberry Hot Spring, here.

GLENWOOD HOT SPRINGS: I mean… c’mon, look at that! But don’t take my word for it. Tripadvisors heap love on this pool, calling it “relaxing,” invigorating” and “magical… when snowing.” There seems to be a lot of reviews that talk about how “great it is for families” so spring breakers, beware!

TIME FROM DENVER:  2 1/2 hours

COST:  Rates vary (spring break rates are about $5 more than other dates), so check here for the most accurate price.

Get all the info for Glenwood Hot Springs, here.

IRON MOUNTAIN HOT SPRINGS: This beaut gives you a Colorado Rover view and has new updates to both its landscaping and locker facilities. They get a lot of love for their cleanness, “atmosphere” and “lounging area.” There are pools of varying temps and a lot of comments on Tripadvisor give it props for being “quieter” than “family friendly,” and nearby, Glenwood Springs.

TIME FROM DENVER:  2 1/2 hours

COST:  $20 a day, non-peak/$25 peak (thought they don’t give dates for these, so give them a call)

Get info for Ironwood Hot Springs, here.

INDIAN HOT SPRINGS: On the one hand, I have friends who upload their pics from here and call it their favorite… and do not geotag because they don’t want anyone to know about it! And it is just 45 minutes from Denver. On the other hand… the Tripadvisor reviews reminisce about it not being “like it was back in the day,” it needing “a major overhaul” and the “staff being very unfriendly.” Or could they all be like my friends and just want it all for themselves?

TIME FROM DENVER: 4o minutes

COST:  $17 Monday – Thursday, $19 Friday – Sunday

Get info for Indian Hot Springs, here.

MOUNT PRINCETON HOT SPRINGS: Compliments for Mount Princeton Hot Springs say “the staff and facilities are tops” while another calls in a “jewel in the mountains.” The grounds look beautiful, some with mountain views, pushing this hot spring to the top of our list.

TIME FROM DENVER:  2 hours 20 minutes

COST:   $18 Monday – Thursday, $22 Friday – Sunday

PRO TIP: Bring your own towels and water to avoid additional fees and consider upgrading to the adult only pool if you’re not kid-friendly

Get more info for Mount Princeton Hot Springs, here.


Cover Photo: from Iron Mountain Hot Springs